Sunday, April 29

Under the sea with Dion Lee

Well now, this is exciting.

So, as it's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia Eve, I thought it only fitting to post in honour of one of Australia's greatest young talents on the design scene - one who will be absent from this year's catwalk in Sydney. 

Dion Lee's presence will be sorely missed, but I think it's fair to say he has definitely progressed forward into 'international phenomena' territory now, so his busy schedule (and general amazing-ness) can probably serve as a reasonable excuse. It's like an unspoken promise that each season, Dion Lee will provide the most innovative and most-talked about Australian collection...and each time, he delivers.

These photos are a sneak peek of his upcoming collection, provided by photographer Mark Vassallo exclusively for Oyster. In summary, I'm getting vibes for a sports-luxe meets scuba-chic collection, with a few fabric-twists and turns. I'm predicting a palette of punchy neons and bold hues, new-age knots, and sensual mesh set to contemporary feminine silhouettes - all garnished with a touch of that structural magic Lee always serves up for a very satisfying visual feast. 

In other words, if someone were to remake The Little Mermaid this year, I presume that some of the pieces from Dion Lee's upcoming collection would make the perfect wardrobe for the 21st century update of underwater heiress, Ariel. And while I've got your attention, Disney, this newer film adaptation should also allow Ariel to keep her awesome mermaid tail instead of giving it up for human feet. 

About his decision to withdraw from the MBFWA lineup, Dion Lee says, "I have presented solo shows at Australian Fashion Week for the past three years and each of these have been of great benefit to my business in terms of building its profile on a local and international level. I hope to return to the Australian show schedule in the near future.” 

Designer Josh Goot seconded Lee's move, by also withdrawing from MBFWA. This only means that the two will go above and beyond our expectations - as always.





jamie-lee said...

Great pose, it's definitely a shame he won't be showing, but I can imagine he would begetter off doing so in London or new york. This reminds me a little of Michael kors, and perhaps Provenza shouler?

Sunny & Star said...

Wonderful photos. All of the images are very inspirational.

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kathleen said...

that guy is going places. talent beyond belief and i adore these behind the scenes snippets. ahhh i still remember when he was a 'new face'on the australian fashion scene x

Jen said...

I agree! He is such a talented and innovative designer. Yes, I think his first few collections will always be very special and held dear to the hearts of many fashion lovers! Thanks for the comments everyone! And yes, definitely seeing elements of Proenza Schouler here. Dion Lee is legendary xx