Monday, November 12

Child's play at Chanel


There have been plenty of Lego collaborations to surface in the last couple of years, but one in particular has really elevated the children's toy brand out of the cluttered toy box and onto a much higher shelf - a shelf which is definitely out of toddler's reach, and a whole lot closer to Mummy's favourite things. Especially those favourite things which are kept on visual merchandising displays in luxury department stores. 

Enter, Chanel Spring/Summer 2013. Karl Lagerfeld's latest accessory design, the lego clutch, is innovative, fun, and such an incredibly simple idea. But the beautiful thing about this simple yet imaginative idea, is that he brought it to life. 

Many younger, less experienced or more daring fashion designers may have toyed with design concepts similar to this before; but for such a highly esteemed, iconic and elegant fashion house like Chanel, taking a risk like this is incredibly bold and brave. It's a refreshing and youthful approach for the French brand, usually known for its classic black, or black and white classic ensembles. 

Chanel's recent hula hoop handbag has shocked and inspired many of the fashion elite - but instead of being just a statement bag to appreciate from afar, the lego clutch could easily be worn with many different Spring outfits - without inviting the public to a harsh judging of your personal taste because your bag is getting all-up-in-their-grill.

The gorgeous cubic edges of this hardcase clutch in punchy primary colours are perfect to add a playful edge to your outfit. I love accessories that take the seriousness out of getting dressed - and make it feel more like playing dress up!

It may not overtake the iconic Chanel 2.55, but in my opinion, it is so much more exciting, which makes it all worth it.

This one is my personal favourite, but the cobalt blue is hard to beat!



Wednesday, October 24

Where the wild things are

Tribal designs have taken on a whole new form. I've never found myself too passionate about anything the trend had to offer, until now. Spring 2013 has breathed new life into the typical tribal elements, and I am impressed!

A few of my favourite pieces are from Sass & Bide, Carven, Molten Store and All Saints...but I'll be hunting for more soon enough, no doubt.

I'm particularly drawn to each of these lust-have items for their magnificent balance of bold graphic elements, striking colours such as fuchsia, green, orange and metallic accents, and gorgeous angular geometric shapes and lines. Together, these elements are a killer combination.
Sass and Bide 'The Statement'

Molten Store 'My One and Only' Bag

All Saints Aztec Sequin Mini 
(Wish I'd bought this when I was in London last year!)

Sass and Bide 'The Definitive'

Carven, Spring 2012

Take a walk on the wild side.



Sunday, October 14

Romance revival: Chloe SS13

Stumbling upon a fashion piece that truly makes your heart stop is continually wonderful - and not at all difficult, if the designs from Chloe happen to be present.

Always a favourite of mine, Chloe has reached a whole new level with their Spring Summer 13 collection, just in time for the French fashion house's 60th birthday. The collection has really struck a chord with my penchant for pieces that balance feminine shapes, modern tailoring and those beautiful little details that truly make them standout pieces. All in a beautifully balanced colour palette of creamy white, midnight blue-black, apricot, lilac, pumpkin and oatmeal. The designs weave all of these elements to beautifully craft the narrative of the modern Chloe woman. 

Creamy white dresses and tops with billowing peplum-style frills on the hem and sleeve; sheer mid-sections; origami-like folds and bold black and white prints.

Delicate white tailored blouse paired with intricate netting; wavy asymmetrical frills; pleated frill at the waist on a lavender playsuit.

Sheer cleverness; architectural netted fabric, pleated and frilly collars.

Oatmeal tailored separates; decorative white flowers; square and no-fuss silhouettes in the form of pumpkin tailored shorts and pants.

Edwardian frilled sleeves and collars; cropped wide-leg pants; ruffles and sheer pleated brilliance.

Midnight inky blue-black; sport luxe suit with metallic stripes; cream floaty layers; white with gold glitter stripes.

And to top it all off, the strappy high-shine metallic pumps are the perfect accessory for the entire collection. The forecast for Spring Summer 13 with Chloe is romantic, modern and refreshingly beautiful.




Sunday, August 12

Kiss the boys and make them cry

We can all admit that the colour might have become a distant memory, absent from our wardrobes since primary school, but it's now time to dust off the playful pinks of your childhood playdates, and make them more alluring and bold than ever.

Once worn to look innocent and feminine, the fuchsia, pastel and neon shades of pink available for the seasons ahead have grown up and transformed into striking statement-making hues that add instant sex appeal to your look.

Look to Rebecca Minkoff, Maurie & Eve, Acne, Wildfox and Josh Goot for doses of the luscious colour.

For the more minimal or androgynous at heart, play it up with your accessories or nails, or even a dash of bold fuchsia lipstick. 


Images: Wildfox, Topshop, OPI, Tommy Ton, Tumblr, Frockshop, Shopbop, Asos, Nike.


Monday, July 16

Talulah - Grace

I find it incredibly fascinating to see the inspiration behind a designer's collections. When I was studying fashion design, one of my favourite parts of the process was collecting various photographs, swatches and sourcing magazine clippings to create my moodboard. This creative process helped me to later develop a love for collages, but it also gave me a great respect for anyone involved in a creative industry. The initial starting point is where the whirlwind begins - but it can take a long time to get there. Creativity is such an amazing journey. Is there anything more wonderful than finding and creating visual representations of what you see in your imagination?

It's amazing to see the original elements that designers grow their creations from. Although some of the top design houses have occasionally revealed a few secrets, it's become quite rare in the fashion industry to see a designer reveal the inner workings of their mind.

The above images were sources of inspiration for Kelli Wharton, designer of Australian label Talulah, from when she was developing her Spring 2012 Collection.

Lace, embroidery, intricate laser cutting and embroidery are all hugely popular trends for upcoming seasons, but it takes skill and a fresh approach to really make them work in a unique way. Flowers and their natural, feminine beauty are not new to this year's scope of fashion trends, and yet they continue to be revered through each designer's new interpretations. You can see how Kelli brought all of these elements to life, through the below images of her Spring 2012 collection, aptly named Grace. 

Whimsical, sophisticated, flirtatious and modern, Grace lends itself to an aesthetic similar to that of Alice McCall (one of my favourite Australian designers), with that signature Talulah twist of asymmetrical hemlines, zipped bodices and tulip shaped dresses. There are two dresses in the collection that feature matte sequins; they epitomise the ideal balance between looking sophisticated and sexy. I'm also falling head over heels for the orange floral dress! 

I'm now craving hot summer nights in the Mediterranean, with a luscious fruity cocktail in hand to do these designs justice. One day soon!