Saturday, April 21

A cool change

Zomp Koxco Nero Boots

Gorman Jade Blouse & Jungle Necklace

Zomp Gabriel Ankle Boots

Molten Store Tote Bag & Arrow Rings

Lonely Hearts Leeloo Dress

Beau Coops Richards Cut-Out T-Bar Platform, Lover Ruby Skort

Mimco Shadow Arc Drop Ear

Gorman Moving Mountains Jeans & Deadly Ponies Mr Chain Mail Bag

I'm currently coveting all of these beautiful things...should anyone feel the urge to donate their credit card (or a large sum of cash) to the cause of filling my wardrobe with wonderful prettiness, please let me know! 

This Lonely Hearts Leeloo dress successfully strings together some romantic trends circulating at the moment, combining a sheer silk bodice with cap sleeves, pointed peter pan collar and a polka-dot pleated skirt. Yes, all in one amazing dress! It is such a delight, and I'm not sure I will be able to keep my collar-crazed self away from it...

I'm also experiencing some serious lust over Gorman's AW12 collection - they have a strong reputation for beautiful knits and graphic prints, but this season's offering really nails it for me! A pair of Zomp boots would both toughen up my look, and help me to achieve a feeling of being some kind of Winter warrior as I effortlessly pound pavement through the cold winds. I am very lucky to have a Zomp voucher to spend, so this is one dream that may become reality! The Koxco boots are particularly divine - check out the rubber sole and suede detailing!

In addition to these, I've been eyeing off some luxe silk pants, skirts and other pretty pieces from a local label called Soot. The designs are quite feminine, and refreshingly different to the occasionally repetitive styles available in Brisbane's fashion palette.

Time to save my pennies in preparation for a cool change!

PS. If any of you are hanging around at home on a Saturday night like my very cool self, then definitely give this tune a spin - Flume - Sleepless Ft. Anthony for Cleopatra. My excuse for being a homebody tonight is my tiredness, due to witnessing Flume do his thing at Oh Hello last night - it was so good! I'd never ventured to Oh Hello before, but it was definitely worth it to see this guy in action! Prepare to sway yourself into a state of chilled bliss.

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viva LA jenny said...

i like it!

Jen said...

Thank you! xx

Mandy said...

Great blog, Jen! Love the content and I am absolutely obsessed with the boots in this post. :)

Thank you also for entering the giveaway on my blog!

I love your blog and am following you now!

Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

<3 Mandy xx