Tuesday, March 27

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For no legitimate reason other than that they are totally awesome sneakers (from 2009, but I would still love some)...join me in admiring these.

Supra NS "Burgundy"...wicked burgundy sneakers! I would love to rock these with my Winter wardrobe. Perhaps I could even find a pair with a wedge heel a la Isabel Marant...



Thursday, March 15

Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime sadness

"Baby put on heart shaped sunglasses
Cause we're gonna take a ride
I'm not gonna listen to what the past says
I been waiting up all night"
- Diet Mountain Dew

"Swinging in the backyard, pull up in your fast car
Whistling my name
Open up a beer
And you say get over here
And play a video game"
- Video Games

This album is my current obsession. I have a habit of getting pretty addicted to my new CD's for weeks after I buy them (Florence and the Machine had the pleasure of being my life's soundtrack for a few months), but Lana Del Rey's Born To Die is different, somehow.

Apart from the mesmerizing intrigue surrounding Lana Del Rey as a celebrity (her real name is Elizabeth Grant), it's the style and approach to her music that has really captured my imagination. I'm completely under her spell.

Before 'Video Games' had shaken up the airwaves into a sonic frenzy, Lana and her managers described her as sound as "gangster Nancy Sinatra", which at first seemed a little puzzling. The truth is, it actually makes a lot of sense for the Americana pin up, old-Hollywood inspired singer who gives her musical craft a contemporary spin, wears gold hoop earrings and the occasional gold tooth cap. She even raps a little bit in a few of her songs - you heard me!

The way her soul-filled, playful voice dances and soars over haunting lyrics telling tales of heartache, nostalgia and a dark past, are accented and brought to life with hip hop beats and orchestral melodies. This unique sound defines Lana Del Rey as a truly talented artist, and more importantly, she is a force to be reckoned with.

When speaking about her career as a singer/songwriter, Elizabeth Grant explains that she has taken the approach of treating it like an art project. This is why she has created her own film clip for 'Video Games' using vintage footage, and it's also the reasoning behind the stage name, Lana Del Rey. The name itself was created with the combination of two influential icons; old Hollywood actress Lana Turner, and the Ford Del Rey. In addition to being a radio darling, she's also quickly become a favourite in the pages of fashion editorials, offering an exotic beauty and personal style that treads the line between New York and LA street style, with a dash of vintage florals, heart shaped sunglasses and big, beauty queen curls.

Lana cites an interesting mix of musical influences such as Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Eminem and Allen Ginsberg. "The masters of every genre", she claims. I think this is very fitting, as she has instantly become the master of her own musical genre.

I can't wait to see what else is up her sheer-bloused sleeve!  

"Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That, baby, you the best

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feelin' alive"
- Summertime Sadness

"I'm your national anthem
God, you're so handsome
Take me to the Hamptons
Bugatti Veyron

He loves to romance 'em
Reckless abandon
Holdin' me for ransom
Upper echelon"
- National Anthem

Images: whowhatwear.com, coolspotters.com, highsnobiety.com, superneonblog.wordpress.com, popcrush.com, stereogum.com, grimygoods.com, wantto12.blogspot.com, charliewarholblog.com, last.fm, billboard.com


Wednesday, March 7

Metallic Arm Candy

With a slightly Wintery feel to this week's weather (rain always makes me feel the need to draw a cosy cardigan over my shoulders), I've found myself lusting after all of the delightful things that the colder months have to offer. The thought of soft, comfy knits, protective coats, high waisted pants, scarves, boots, stockings and deep, rich colours have really started to entice me! With these thoughts in mind, it's no surprise that I've turned to my  metallic accessories to guide me through these last few weeks of March.

Although they contrasted nicely with my light, Summer dresses and skirts, I feel that both of these metallic wrist pieces will really find their moment to shine when they meet my Winter wardrobe.

Both the divine wilderness-inspired leaf and chainmail bracelet, and Espresso coloured chunky watch feature bronzed, high shine metal. As I'm usually a strictly-silver girl, wearing a colour as boldly different as bronze was initially a little bit tricky!

But it wasn't long before their gorgeous cocoa, chocolate and espresso tones seduced me...I can safely say I'm under the spell of their bronzed, goddess-glamour appeal!

Mimco Wilderness Bracelet

Michael Kors Espresso Watch

I'm welcoming the chance to wear these in Winter with open, metallic-adorned arms!



Friday, March 2

Style notes from the red carpet

In the past few days, everyone in the fashion realm has been buzzing with excitement about mainly two events: the Fashion Week marathon (still taking place, currently in Paris), and the Oscars red carpet royalty.

It's easy for us to observe the frenzy and glamour from afar, and feel a little envious that we can't participate in all the fun. Luckily, there is a way that both of these major international fashion events speak to us on a smaller, everyday style scale.

Behold: the intersection of trends that we can adopt from the recent fashion week/Oscars phenomena. Take note, and add these to your wardrobes for the coming season!

Firstly, we will start with this crowd-pleaser from The Academy Awards - worn by the bewitchingly beautiful Michelle Williams.


This stunning coral / orange Louis Vuitton strapless gown will sing to AW12 trends that are set to soar (and still going strong from Spring) - 1. Pops of orange, and 2. The peplum! It's not always the case that two big trends will work together in the same outfit, but Michelle's dress strikes the right balance for both.

Various fashion week street shots, and Mulberry dress

 Spin Dizzy Fall, Bally, Zooey Deschanel in Moschino, Elie Tahari

Dress number 2: The coveted white Tom Ford dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow. This look is just perfect for her. There are two trends emerging here as well: the minimalist, clean white cut, and the cape! It's such a fresh, contemporary and elegant outfit. The accented shoulders are also an important feature of this dress. I love seeing subtle, edgy details added to the typically classic gowns at red carpet events!

Vogue Spain bridal image, Dion Lee, StyleStalker, Poppy Delevigne
Trend: CAPES
Street style images (Jak and Jil & Tommy Ton), Vogue Spain bridal image
For this next trend, we can combine a few Oscars outfits: Rose Byrne looking divine in Vivienne Westwood, Milla Jovovich's Elie Saab gown (one of my personal favourites), and Alexandra Edenborough's elegantly embellished gown by Yves Saint Laurent. A handful of other stars donned sequins and shimmering dresses, including award winner Meryl Streep.

Zadig Voltaire, Tommy Ton images of Fashion Week style

Sequins and sparkles are a staple for evening glamour, but it's a trend that's definitely having success worn in more casual, day time outfits! You'll notice sequinned blazers, skirts, and sequin-collared blouses are on the rise.

On that note, we lead into metallic opulence. Here is Jessica Chastain in an exquisite masterpiece by Alexander McQueen. I'm really pleased that she didn't use fake tan (or at least if she did, it's very subtle and natural) because I feel that her porcelain skin really suits the dress, and its nod to the decorative elegance of the Renaissance.

This intricate detailing in gold brocade / beading in a baroque design has been directly influential in many collections around the globe. It can be worn with black very easily, and voila! You will reign supreme in dramatic elegance.

Zac Posen, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood
Who do you think was best dressed at the Oscars? Which of these trends are you most looking forward to wearing? I can't wait for Autumn weather in Australia!



Thursday, March 1

High glamour, cheeky red lips and Tom Ford

The man who can do it all; design gorgeous clothing, direct a stunning film (A Single Man - in which Julianne Moore looks absolutely divine), and act as cameraman for his own campaign. Enjoy these images from Tom Ford's SS12 campaign. He truly is a master of his art!

Looks like fun, right? Here are a few gorgeous shots of Julianne Moore from A Single Man. I have pretty major hair envy, and how lush is her eye makeup? Mr Ford was also the genius to dress Gwyneth Paltrow in that stunning white number for the Oscars. Stay tuned for my next post, featuring my favourite dresses worn at the Oscars!

Tom Ford, you can do no wrong.

Images: Tom Ford, alicemooremua.blogspot.com.au