Wednesday, May 30

Lulu in Chains

After a night of online window shopping, I discovered this label from Sydney, called Lulu in Chains. Considering the fact that I simply adore off the shoulder styles, and am something of a frill-seeker when it comes to dresses and skirts, I am head over heels for these flirty dresses and ruffled skirt / fitted bodice designs!

The design aesthetic reminds me a little bit of early collections by Story by Tang, and Cooper St.

It's been a while since I've really LOVED a dress, and this brand is doing well because I love the entire collection! The names given to the dress styles are sweet and suitable, with names like "Angelic Brutality", "Raw Refinement", "Bittersweet Vengeance", "Sinister Innocence", "Faithless Belief", and so on. They convey the duality and contradictory characteristics that compose a modern woman's personality - all at once, she is both sweet and seductive; elegant and rebellious; the wild child, and the girl next door.

I love the choice of models and location for the photoshoot, too. 




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