Saturday, May 19

Nicholas makes your heart melt and your toes tingle

Holly and Liz Heel in Emerald, Blue, Ruby, Mustard, Black and Navy

Lizzi Bootie and Peeptoe in Black, Wine, Navy and Teal

Natalie in Wine and Mustard

Linden in Dove and Black

And, exhale. If you are at all like me, you just held your breath in amazement while staring at these photos of the latest shoe collection from Nicholas.

I have to admit, I am not the biggest 'shoe person'. I appreciate shoes for the leather craftsmanship, design and unique details, but rarely do I actually LOVE a pair of shoes. Or in this case, 6 styles of shoes from the same brand. 

I'm also not usually a fan of suede, either. I think that is the practical side of me talking, because I would just hate to see the suede wear or become damaged by water! This hesitation is also partially due to the fact that I have only owned one pair of suede shoes. The first time I wore them, coincidentally on my first night out at age 18, they suffered the attack of many spilled drinks, and they were never the same. In great disappointment, I had to retire my beloved brown suede Mary Jane's from Tony Bianco before I'd even had a proper dance in them. 

But at age 22, I would like to think I drink in more sophisticated venues now, where people don't constantly spill their drinks (or steal my phone, for that matter), so taking care of these Nicholas beauties would potentially be a much easier task. Besides, they are too beautiful to dismiss!

I would give almost anything to have the Dove Linden's, even just for one night...they are minimalist and sleek, definitely sexy and they have a little bit of edge to them, that really makes me weak at the knees. The high shine metal heel is a much-needed detail for Winter!

The label, designed and made in Melbourne, is quickly carving its name in the Australian design scene as a leader in quality and style. The latest collection really captures the spirit of Melbourne women, and as a sucker for everything from the Victorian city, I just cannot resist the allure. Have you seen their neon knits, too? Cosy, but brightly brilliant!




Monja said...

I am not designer :) it's just my hobby :)

Nora Chan said...

I want all of these shoes, they're so amazing! Particularly the perspex heeled ones! So cool!


Jen said...

Hi Nora, yes loving those heels! I'm so happy this brand exists haha. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

And Monja, I love all of the designs you draw, you should consider being a fashion designer! :)


Michelle's Style File said...

Those boots are amazing! Great to hear they are designed and made in Melb!!!