Friday, May 25

Secret Garden

Meta brand and luxury high street fashion house Dior has created a beautiful film that is truly magical. The short film (of three minutes and thirty-five seconds) has already exceed five and a half million views on Youtube alone, and I don't doubt that many more views would have been counted on the company's website. It's not hard to see why!

Transporting you to a world of ultimate luxury and beauty, this film tells a story of desire - desire for Dior. The beautiful Palace of Versailles comes to life as Daria Strokus smiles to herself in wonder at all of the beautiful things surrounding her, and as she runs through the palace and its gardens. I wonder, is she chasing her dreams? Is she trying to find the secret to happiness? Or is she running to convince herself that all of these amazing things she has are real? Perhaps it's a combination of all of these things. It appears to me that she finds so much pleasure and joy in wearing beautiful Dior garments in such a wondrous palace, that she is simply running to capture all of the beauty in her stride. 

I love the choice of music - a song called "Enjoy the Silence", by Depeche Mode. The video, at first, felt like one of the aesthetically pleasing George Michael film clips from the 80s and 90s that featured the high-flying Super Models of that era. Or, possibly a Madonna film clip (Vogue, for example). The cinematography is perfect and crisp, and it feels very poetic and natural when scenes change in time with the beat and rhythm.

"All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms." It's a very apt way of communicating to the audience that Dior has it all, and if you buy Dior, you can too. (I just love marketing and branding - it constantly amazes me!)

Having been lucky enough to have visited the Palace of Versailles in my travels last year, I am drawn to this video even more. It is such a stunning place, covering more land than you could possibly imagine, with gardens that unfold before your eyes to grow and grow, with almost no horizon in sight. The queues to actually get into the gardens alone are minimum of 2 hours, but to get into the palace, we were told could take another 2 hours. Because of time pressure, I chose to just wander the gardens instead...and even with 2 hours up my sleeve, I couldn't see it all! 

There are fountains dotted all over, pretty bushes and hedges, gorgeous bright flowers everywhere, and a cleverly designed walkway that feels like a maze, leading you from one surprise to the next. There is even a very large man-made lake or pond, which you can hire paddleboats to float around in. It really is magical.

Well done to Dior for leveraging their brand and all that it offers to become synonymous with such a powerful and beautiful French icon - a tricky thing to do.




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