Tuesday, May 15

Round of applause for Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Fall Collection, 2012. This collection is absolutely adorable...I must have it all! The rich burgundy, emerald and rusty terracotta tones are very lush.

Collars peeking out of the top of knitwear are the sole definition of perfection! That rust coloured leather biker jacket with tweed sleeves deserves special mention, too. I haven't seen anything like it yet, but it's definitely an item that would perk up my usually dark Winter colour palette. Opening Ceremony, you make cold weather look so fun! (And on the coldest day Brisbane has experienced so far this year, that is an impressive achievement).




Stace said...

Oh wow that leather/tweed piece is a jacket of amazingness. I definitely need something like that for Winter. And damn it's freezing in Melbourne atm!

x Stace

PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

Jen said...

Thanks for your comment! Oh, I can't imagine how cold Melbourne must be right now...Brisbane is certainly getting closer to your temperatures though! Mmm yes the jacket is so wonderful! Loving all the biker and bomber jackets out this season.

I will most definitely enter that giveaway, thanks for that! xx

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

Oh wow. Totally agree with you here - stunning collection.

You're right, that jacket is amazing. Leather and tweed may be my two favorite things ever (add lace and I might die on the spot) so I'm loving the mix of textures.

Collars are my new obsession, I wear them peeping out of EVERYTHING - but sweaters are the classic, and pairing it with that adorable skirt creates such an interesting mix of colors and patterns and a fantastic both feminine and masculine silhouette.

Supa cool blog.

(ps: LOVE LOVE the name of your blog. I may have said this in a comment already, but it requires repeating).

Jen said...

Oh thank you Gabrielle! You are too lovely! And of course I agree, the leather and tweed combination is genius, and lace also makes my heart melt!

I am addicted to collars...they are too much fun and so pretty! Feminine meets masculine is probably my favourite style, too...are we twins?

Haha thanks again! Stop by soon :) xx