Sunday, February 3


Similar to the Japanese word, 'kawaii', meaning 'lovable, adorable or cute', Melbourne label Kuwaii could almost entirely be defined the same way. The soft pastel focus, sweet pleating and muted grey pant suits echo a truly understated prettiness. Not to mention, the styling for this photoshoot presents the collection just perfectly - I want to emulate the whole look!

The designer's past career involvement with Lover, Arnsdorf and Phillip Lim shines through in the  collection's clean lines, quirky details and modern edge that is so crucial to each garment; A true testament to the advantages of interning.

Is anyone else feeling the alluring Lover vibe of the gorgeous collar in the above white dress? If I were not so self-aware of my addiction, I would certainly wear a wardrobe consisting ONLY of blouses, dresses and tops with these beautiful neck-orations.

With a store presence in the vibrant shopping area of Brunswick St, Melbourne, and online, I feel that this brand has its' roots firmly planted in the right places in order to help it grow and blossom over time. Using local manufacturers and creating the garments in Melbourne is not only important to the designers, but also to the greater Australian consumer public. This is a label that I hope is nurtured for the future...and could easily become a favourite in my books.



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