Wednesday, February 13

Love, sweet love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day

You may think Valentine's Day is just another day to play on materialistic values, and to provide consumerist society with an excuse to spend money on fulfilling idealistic values or expectations. 

Or, you may not believe that you need to celebrate your love for another person just because the calendar says you should. You might be single, lonely, heartbroken or just plain not interested in the whole thing.

I've felt this way in the past, and I respect each of these views, but I choose to take a different one when it comes to Valentine's Day this year. I will be lucky to be spending it with my boyfriend of 6 years, so you may think I'm biased, but that doesn't take away from the bigger picture.

I know I sound corny (in fact, I am corny, more often than not), but I truly believe that if there is any reason for a special day to set aside on your calendar, it should be for love. I'm not just talking about romantic love, or being in a couple. I don't need to go into too much detail about why love is important, but in times of confusing and upsetting natural disasters occurring the world over; the ever-present issues of war, famine, crime, death; and more close to home in each of us, loneliness - all of these things inspire us to share love and compassion, and make sure that those we hold dear know just how much they mean to us. 

Although we might aim to be romantic or show our appreciation for people on a daily basis, in a time poor society, it's often just not a reality. I know I often forget to thank my family for all that they do for me, and to make sure my friends know I really do love having them around. This is the real reason why I am celebrating this year. 

Now, onto the fun side of Valentine's Day. 

No matter how you are spending the day, I've observed that women love taking the opportunity to dress up a little for any occasion. Spoil the one you love, or yourself! Even if it's just a simple bow in your hair, swipe of red lipstick or an excuse to whip out your favourite Alannah Hill dress, most like to take advantage.

I've collated a few outfits and beautiful pieces that would be perfect to wear on a romantic evening with a date, a night of cocktails with friends, or some for even just a picnic with your best friend. 

First, the LBD. These are all by Lover, and they are all simply incredible as standalone outfits. Saucy, or ladylike, they've got you covered.

Another option is to take the demure and feminine route - these stunning dresses come from Zimmermann, Alannah Hill and Oscar de la Renta.

Or, you may choose to wear the colour of love itself - red. This outfit is a little unconventional, but would look gorgeous. I admit, it's a little bit Carrie Bradshaw...

Zimmermann lace bodysuit and Alannah Hill red tulle skirt and black high-waisted belt

Finally, if you want to go for something a little more unconventional, but still beautiful in it's own right - this Zimmermann wrap dress, Topshop playsuit or Tucker bustier and Alannah Hill skirt could be more your thing.

I encourage you to celebrate in your own way this Valentine's Day, and I don't doubt that you'll do it in style.



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