Monday, November 12

Child's play at Chanel


There have been plenty of Lego collaborations to surface in the last couple of years, but one in particular has really elevated the children's toy brand out of the cluttered toy box and onto a much higher shelf - a shelf which is definitely out of toddler's reach, and a whole lot closer to Mummy's favourite things. Especially those favourite things which are kept on visual merchandising displays in luxury department stores. 

Enter, Chanel Spring/Summer 2013. Karl Lagerfeld's latest accessory design, the lego clutch, is innovative, fun, and such an incredibly simple idea. But the beautiful thing about this simple yet imaginative idea, is that he brought it to life. 

Many younger, less experienced or more daring fashion designers may have toyed with design concepts similar to this before; but for such a highly esteemed, iconic and elegant fashion house like Chanel, taking a risk like this is incredibly bold and brave. It's a refreshing and youthful approach for the French brand, usually known for its classic black, or black and white classic ensembles. 

Chanel's recent hula hoop handbag has shocked and inspired many of the fashion elite - but instead of being just a statement bag to appreciate from afar, the lego clutch could easily be worn with many different Spring outfits - without inviting the public to a harsh judging of your personal taste because your bag is getting all-up-in-their-grill.

The gorgeous cubic edges of this hardcase clutch in punchy primary colours are perfect to add a playful edge to your outfit. I love accessories that take the seriousness out of getting dressed - and make it feel more like playing dress up!

It may not overtake the iconic Chanel 2.55, but in my opinion, it is so much more exciting, which makes it all worth it.

This one is my personal favourite, but the cobalt blue is hard to beat!



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