Monday, July 16

Talulah - Grace

I find it incredibly fascinating to see the inspiration behind a designer's collections. When I was studying fashion design, one of my favourite parts of the process was collecting various photographs, swatches and sourcing magazine clippings to create my moodboard. This creative process helped me to later develop a love for collages, but it also gave me a great respect for anyone involved in a creative industry. The initial starting point is where the whirlwind begins - but it can take a long time to get there. Creativity is such an amazing journey. Is there anything more wonderful than finding and creating visual representations of what you see in your imagination?

It's amazing to see the original elements that designers grow their creations from. Although some of the top design houses have occasionally revealed a few secrets, it's become quite rare in the fashion industry to see a designer reveal the inner workings of their mind.

The above images were sources of inspiration for Kelli Wharton, designer of Australian label Talulah, from when she was developing her Spring 2012 Collection.

Lace, embroidery, intricate laser cutting and embroidery are all hugely popular trends for upcoming seasons, but it takes skill and a fresh approach to really make them work in a unique way. Flowers and their natural, feminine beauty are not new to this year's scope of fashion trends, and yet they continue to be revered through each designer's new interpretations. You can see how Kelli brought all of these elements to life, through the below images of her Spring 2012 collection, aptly named Grace. 

Whimsical, sophisticated, flirtatious and modern, Grace lends itself to an aesthetic similar to that of Alice McCall (one of my favourite Australian designers), with that signature Talulah twist of asymmetrical hemlines, zipped bodices and tulip shaped dresses. There are two dresses in the collection that feature matte sequins; they epitomise the ideal balance between looking sophisticated and sexy. I'm also falling head over heels for the orange floral dress! 

I'm now craving hot summer nights in the Mediterranean, with a luscious fruity cocktail in hand to do these designs justice. One day soon!



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