Sunday, July 1

Weekend antics of late

As the owner of an Android operated phone, I've only recently acquired Instagram. It certainly didn't take long for the addiction to set in! I finally feel like I'm 'in' on the big secret iPhone users have been keeping for the last couple of years.

According to my Instagram page, all I seem to do is drink coffee and bask around in the sun! This is true for the weekends, at least. Here are a few hipster-filtered snapshots of recent happenings...

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Michelle's Style File said...

Cool pics- love the look of those boots!


Jen said...

Thank you! They are Tony Bianco, I think the style is called Devon...I haven't worn a different pair of shoes since they came into my life! Super comfy.


Render Sublime said...

hahaha according to my instagram all I do is drink coffee and wear shoes.... haha

Jen said...

Haha, if only we could live the lives we appear to on Instagram! Thanks for your comment! xx