Thursday, February 2

Shake it, like a ladder to the sun

I created this blog in May, last year. In the time that has passed since then, a lot in my life has changed.

Firstly, I travelled. I visited a close friend in London, met up with another good friend in Paris, spent two weeks on tour in Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy, and experienced some amazing things that are now very memorable moments. This travelling adventure only accounts for 6 weeks of the time that has elapsed, but the memories and valuable experiences will last me a lifetime. I know, that sounds corny, but I now know it's not just a cliche', as my friend and I met up with two girls we had befriended while on another continent; and yet, back in 'the real world', it was as if nothing had changed at all. It was a really wonderful feeling!
These are a few pictures from my overseas adventure. Rest assured, there will be many more!
Hyde Park, London (top)
East London Furniture store launch, London (second)
Zara changeroom, Paris (third)
Sacre' Couer, Montmartre, Paris (bottom)
Secondly, with a dash of determination and a lot of good fortune, I embarked upon a new career venture. Saying goodbye to my fun-filled 3 year retail stint and lovely group of friends at Mimco was tricky, but saying hello to the big bad world of working in a 'real job' in advertising was much more daunting. I studied fashion and advertising, so the shift was inevitable...but this didn't make it any less scary!

4 months in, however, I can safely say that I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. It's definitely never boring (or without drama), but so far, it has been a really nice transition into adult working life!

With these two major events and their changes in mind, I have a sneaky suspicion it's going to be a very good year. Hello 2012, and your many new challenges, adventures and amazing experiences that I hope times, come at me!


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