Saturday, February 11

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Following a very sleepy Saturday morning, I've spent my afternoon attempting a bit of a spring clean of my bedroom and bathroom. It's amazing how much of a difference a little de-cluttering can make! Having a clean desk, (let's be honest, 'visible' is the key word here), definitely makes it easier to spread out a magazine (or a stack of them, actually).

Another plus is that I discovered so much 'stuff' I didn't even realise I had...a liquid eyeliner that actually works! A waterproof mascara! A million emery boards...and some much loved shades that had temporarily gone into hiding behind a few notebooks.

Looking forward to a day of recreational fun tomorrow, as a reward for my domestic duties today! This must be the reason that a weekend includes two days...definitely not complaining!



Rich Girls. said...

haha i have numerous neat 'stacks' of magazines throughout my room. i just can't bring myself to throw any out.
love the sunnies in the first shot aswell. x.

Jen said...

Oh yes they're much too valuable to part with! This stack is just a more recent one...the space under my desk and shelves in my cupboard are just filled with magazines too!

Thank you! I was lucky enough to find them at an Oxford St street vendor in London. Xx